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Florida Tribal Dance
825 Virginia Dr
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At Florida Tribal Dance we pride ourselves in providing a well rounded dance experience that is full of thoughtful instruction that includes proper body mechanics, history about our dance form, an enriching group environment as well as fun and exciting lessons. 

We recommend that you start with the style you feel most drawn to, there are no right or wrongs. Whether you are interested in our fitness classes, or our structured technique classes we encourage you to go where you feel most draw to.

We want to foster an environment that is both challenging and encouraging all the while assisting students in becoming the dancers they want to be.  To do this our Leveled program of classes begins at the foundation of each style and builds both in technique and stylization as students progress. 

We know that many students also are coming to our school for a great workout so in conjunction with our technique classes we offer fitness classes that can be taken by themselves or are a great companion to your technique class. Our fitness classes often change from month to month to offer new and exciting ways to work our dancer bodies. 

Read below for detailed descriptions of all the classes that we offer here at Florida Tribal Dance.

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Not sure what the differences between Tribal Style Improv and Tribal Fusion are? Read more below.

Tribal Style Improv
is where our dance form originated. This style has a folkloric feel and is about a group of dancers working with a set movement vocabulary that allows dancers to create dance in the moment without choreography. Dancers use the vocabulary and body language to communicate through dance. 
See an example here:

Tribal Fusion is a more modern interpretation of this earthy style. Combining the techniques of Tribal Style Improv,Hip Hop, Classic Westernized dance, and American Cabaret Bellydance to create a style that is serpentine, smooth, and a bit on the funky side.
See and example here:

Class Descriptions
Level 1 American Tribal Style Bellydance- Beginners Welcome
This beginner friendly class will guide students through the fundamentals of this unique and joyous dance that celebrates dancing together! This earthy, grounded, and spirited dance was first created by San Fransisco's Fat Chance Bellydance and Carolena Nerriccio.

Level 2 Tribal Style Improv: Props-open to level 1 students and above
Join Lacey for a fun spin on our unique Tribal Style Improv technique. We'll take 2 weeks at a time and explore Tribal Improv with Skirt, Sword, Basket, & Veil. Curious on where to find props? Contact Lacey at floridatribaldance@gmail.com

Level 1 Tribal Fusion Basics Plus-Open to Beginners
This class is wonderful for new students wanting to dig deep into our modern style of Tribal Bellydance, Tribal Fusion. We'll breakdown posture, isolations, and fun combinations that will give students a solid grasp of this fun and funky style.

Tribal Fusion: Razor Sharp & Ultra Smooth-Open to All Levels
This class promises a focused but fun class designed to help students discover their best and strongest dance self. We'll drill, discover, create, and focus in on the full scope of Tribal Fusion Bellydance so that each student can set goals that will bring them closer to the dancer they want to be!

Tribal Bellydance Props: Tray- open to dancers who have completed a Level 1 course
Tray dancing has been around for many generations and has it's origins in Eastern Europe and Asia and has continued to impress audiences for years! Dancers will learn techniques and combinations for our new Florida Tribal Dance Tribal Fusion Improv Dialect with Tray. Ideal types of trays are round and made of metal that is aprox. 10-12in in diameter. Many can be found at thrift stores.

Tribal Yoga
Open to all levels
The perfect class to de-stress and relax the body while also conditioning the body through movements that can directly assist our dance.

Advanced Techniques and Drills for American Tribal Style-open to Level 2 Students and Above
Let's dig deep into the beautiful world of American Tribal Style Bellydance. We'll investigate advanced techniques, musicality, new combinations, and formations that are sure to get dancers fired up about Tribal Style Improv!

Tribal Style Flow-open to students that have completed Level 1
This class is just what you need at the end of your week to start your weekend off right. All dancing, no talking! Turn your brain off and your body and heart On! Follow Lacey as she leads students through American Tribal Style Bellydance steps set to a great playlist! Finger Cymbals will be used for this class (not required).