Florida Tribal Dance, 825 Virginia Dr, Orlando, FL 32803
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Florida Tribal Dance
825 Virginia Dr
Orlando, FL 32803

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Upcoming Performances and Events

September 14th-16th
Just Breathe: Vintage Market Days Orlando
Heritage Park, Kissimmee
See Florida Tribal Dance perform all three days at this fun vintage market!

Saturday, September 22nd
Bohemian Rhapsody Market 11am-6pm
Hourglass Brewery Longwood,Fl
See Florida Tribal Dance perform at 3pm
**For Lacey's Workshop Schedule**
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Sunny Side Up: An ATS® & Adornment Weekend
October 5th-7th 2018

Full Weekend Super Saver Package!
13hours of Workshops: $200 ($95 savings)

Ala Carte Workshop Registration:
3 hour, Saturday workshop with Lacey- $70
All 2 hour workshops-$45

Sunny Side Up: ATS® & Adornment Weekend Schedule:

**All workshops are focused deeply in American Tribal Style Technique as Lacey is now an official ATS® certified instructor!
Participants are encouraged to have some bellydance experience.

Weekend Schedule:
All Events Held at Florida Tribal Dance
825 Virginia Drive
Orlando,Fl 32803

Friday, October 5th
7pm-9pm Moving Sculptures with Lacey

Saturday, October 6th

11am-2pm Beautifully Basic is Never Boring with Lacey
2pm-3pm Lunch Break and Shopping
3pm-5pm Find your I (eye) in Voice (Inner Voice) with Lee of Foolproof

6:30pm-8:30pm Hafla at Florida Tribal Dance!!
$10 donation appreciated

Sunday, October 7th
10:30pm-12:30pm Take your Places, please! with Lacey
12:30-1:30pm Lunch Break
1:30pm-3:30pm Down to Earth: The materials. The Costuming. Why we keep them, how should we keep them... with Lee of Foolproof
3:45pm-5:45pm Regal and Rare, ATS Costume Aesthetic Workshop with Lacey

5:45pm-on Photo sessions with Carrie Myer of The Dancers Eye Photography
See our Facebook Event Page to get full details on booking your photo session:
Workshop Descriptions:

Moving Sculptures with Lacey: A molding of the unique dance of ATS®
Exploring the unique design of some of our favorite ATS® steps and beyond. Join Lacey as she shares some of her favorite slow and fast steps in this beautiful dance! We'll look at sculpting the body into these lovely movements, then set them into a moving sculpture in groups.

Beautifully Basic is Never Boring! with Lacey:
American Tribal Style Bellydance has a classic beauty that is regal and inspiring. Even thought the style has grown by leaps and bounds as it has expanded from a dance based in San Fransisco, California to now a wold wide phenomenon, sometimes honing in on it's Fundamentals can be jaw dropping. In this workshop we will zero in on the Classic ATS® steps and find the rich beauty and surprising variety that exist in this unique dance form.

Find Your I (eye) In Voice: (inner voice) with Lee Kobus of Foolproof
The concept of this class is a culmination of my art background integrated with the era of ATS that gave form to tribal fusion and from my personal experience... FoolProof Studio.
With this intellectually-interactive class, I will facilitate a creative problem-solving exercise that is based upon my own approach to costuming. This class welcomes ALL levels and ALL backgrounds...it’s a weird yet liberatingly fun approach to brainstorming ideas. Please join me!!  Bring a notebook, pencil and imagination ~

Take your places, please! with Lacey:
American Tribal Stye is a unique dance form in many ways but one of the biggest things that set us apart is that our dance is improvisational! So we learn not only the steps, how to learn, and how to follow, but also how to move in and create dynamic choices in formations that can really bring our dance to Life!

In this workshop we'll take some of our fundamental steps and create and play in formations that will have your mind spinning with creative ideas!

Down to Earth with Lee Kobus of Foolproof:
The materials. The costuming. Why we keep them, how should we keep them...
Practical demonstrations that may or may not be intuitive, along with what I’ve learned from over a dozen years of working experience regarding the preservation, packing, transportation and storage of your prized possessions. Bonus bit: a portion of the class will be spent examining inspirational textiles

Regal and Rare, ATS Costume Aesthetic Workshop with Lacey:
For some, the first time they saw Fat Chance Bellydance take the stage they knew this dance was for them! It is stunning from head to toe! The full turban, the classic nomadic make-up, the silloutte of the costume, it all brings a sense of wonder!

In this workshop Lacey will help guide students through creating the perfect "Old School" ATS® look!
Dancers are asked to bring their own costume and supplies (Details will be sent to dancers after they register)

As a part of this workshop all participants will receive 2 web resolution photographs from Carrie Myer of The Dancer's Eye Photography of us in full costume! If you are interested in solo shots or smaller group shots you can book a 10min photo session with Carrie who will be set up for portraits directly following our workshop! Sessions are $10 per session (per dancer) and include 1 photo!
Contact Carrie at: carrie@thedancerseye.com

Teacher Take-Over with Tempest
Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018
at Florida Tribal Dance

Anatomy of a Song and Dance (co-taught with
musician Nathaniel Johnstone)

Anatomy of a Song and Dance
Are you hearing the music when you dance? Are you REALLY listening?
Most importantly, when you dance, does the audience see the music through you? A key task of a dancer is to be a visual representation and interpretation of the music they are performing to. To achieve this, you need to be able to recognize the layers present in your music, and choose what to work with and how to translate it into movement. We will work with original music by Nathaniel Johnstone, take it apart layer by layer, address the musicality of each part, how it translates into movement on stage, and then put it back together into a solid dance. This workshop will aid you in learning to listen more effectively, identify instrumentation, and make more fabulous choices about what to use as a foundation and what to accent in any piece of music you wish to dance to.
Florida Tribal Dance presents: Rachel Brice
February 1st-3rd, 2019

All workshops will be held at:
Russian Ballet Orlando
618 N Mills Ave, Orlando, FL 32803

Hafla and Signing with Rachel Brice for Participants Only will be held at Florida Tribal Dance
**Details will be sent to participants**

Workshop Costs:
Single Day registration Only!
Register for them all or just the days you can attend!

Friday, Feb. 1st -3hour Workshop 6:30pm-9:30pm $120
Saturday, Feb. 2nd- 4hour workshop 11am-3pm $160
Sunday, Feb. 3rd- 4hour workshop 11am-3pm $160

Friday, Feb. 1st
3hour Workshop 6:30pm-9:30pm
Serpentine Essentials: Introduction to Datura Technique Studies

Come play with the basic building blocks for Datura Style belly dance. We’ll learn the basic positions of the feet, arms and body postures, as well as the fundamental isolations for this style.

But don’t be fooled: simple isn’t easy! All levels welcome, be prepared to glisten. Bring water.
Saturday, Feb. 2nd
4hour workshop 11am-3pm
Intro to Molten Movement:

All levels practices and combos to build stability, endurance, and control.
Experience the joy of the slow burn with a matrix-slow practice followed by combos that contain the essence of this style of dance. You'll be provided with tools and materials to continue this practice at home.
This class is appropriate for both advanced beginners and professional belly dancers.
Time Bender:
From slow to fast and back again.
You'll learn simple (but not easy!) combos that manipulate the 4 dimensions of rhythm. These combos illustrate time variations to spark ideas for your own work.
We'll warm up, drill fundamental isolations that are suitable for all levels, and learn combos that incorporate those isolations.
Sunday, Feb. 3rd
4hour workshop 11am-3pm
Past, Present, Future: Arabic Rhythms in Electronic Music

Western popular music is catching on to the power of Arabic Rhythms in a big way. In this class you’ll learn versatile combos that would work as well with a classic belly dance set or a festival stage to electronic music.
Please bring a yoga mat, water, and a way to record after class if you want to film yourself.