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Florida Tribal Dance
825 Virginia Dr
Orlando, FL 32803

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See Lacey Perform at Cafe Tu Tu Tango on International Drive
Friday, January 12th
Saturday, January 27th
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Tuesday, January 16th 7pm-9pm $25
Dance it out Datura Stylea Datura Style™ Improvisation Workshop with Kindle!
Register with Kindle at: kindlecimmerian@gmail.com, or at the time of class- paypal or cash is accepted

In this workshop, we'll keep working on technique and details with the Datura Style™ combinations. Also, this class will have a spotlight focus on duet and trio formations, and lead switching as we practice our Datura Style™ combos (don't freak out- I'll be right beside you to help ease you into it!).
Florida Tribal Dance Presents:
A Tribal Garden Weekend of Workshops and Gala Showcase
featuring Jill Parker
May 11th-13th 2018

Tribal Garden Gala Information TBA

Full Weekend of Workshops with Jill Parker (8 hours total) $200

Individual Workshops
(2 hours each) $55

Saturday, May 12th
Devil in the Details:

 Correcting weak performance habits by infusing intention and feeling into the standard presentation style we take for granted as professional dancers. In this workshop we will experiment with changing our habits and scrambling things up -to see what's on the other side. We aim to eliminate unintentional movements, lack of facial expression, being glued to one spot of the floor, etc. Through facilitated exercises Jill will take you on a journey of exploration designed to bring your dancing and stage presentation to a much more intentional and embodied place!

Focused Topics that will be covered:

1. Expanding into your "personal container" for dramatic effect.
Fully completing lines and extensions.

2. Finishing footwork intentionally and completely.
Exploring how we approach the floor.

3. Finessing ornamented hands and gorgeous arm work for optimal framing
& presentational effect.

4. Slowing down - using movement sparingly and intentionally.

5. Juicing movements muscularly -Balancing effort and ease for a striking
& intentional presentation.

Saturday, May 12th
The Art of Layering - Layer Slayer!

In this exciting workshop we will explore training the body to accept the difficult task of multi tasking! We will layer both fast and slow movements, soft and stacatto, stationary as well as traveling. We will explore Polyrhythm (multiple rhythms in the body at once). Over time with enough repetition the brain signal eventually becomes "understood by the body", your body starts to organize and accept the information and boom - you are layering! (Jill has a few tricks up her sleeve to help encourage that process along.) This gratifying exploration is facilitated to meet you where you're at in your practice. Practice and repetition done correctly does in fact make perfect. Let's slay those layers!

Sunday, May 13th
Sensual Chiftatelli - A sensuous slinky serpentine choreography by Jill Parker

In this new but classic Jill Parker choreography you'll explore highly stylized, hypnotic, muscular movements - Jill's specialty! This workshop encompasses theory on alignment/balance, extension, and isometric muscular engagement. You will execute drills designed to encourage a slinky sensuality. There will be particular emphasis on the importance of embodying movements fully while making clean transitions that melt away. You will be asked to deepen into your muscles, to press up against the music and wind into the reaches of your flexibility, earthiness, strength and balance. Jill will help you develop new awareness around suppleness, earthiness, texture, fluidity, and frame. This workshop is meant to tease out your inner serpent. Jill's workshop environment is encouraging, insightful, and focused!

Sunday, May 13th
Earthy "Tribal" Folk:
In this invigorating workshop Jill draws from the deep archives of movement and unique insights gained from 30 years of studying and creating art in San Francisco, the heart of the Tribal Belly Dance movement. Be ready to drill drill drill and sweat these moves deep into muscle memory! 
Florida Tribal Dance presents: Rachel Brice
February 2nd-4th 2018

Rachel Brice in Orlando, February 2nd-4th 2018

Friday 3 hour workshop- SOLD OUT

Saturday and Sunday Weekend Package

8hours, 4 hours each day SOLD OUT

Friday, February 2nd 6:30pm-9:30pm

Russian Ballet Orlando
618 North Mills Ave.
Orlando, FL 32803

Dissolve: Learning to Let Go
In this class, you’re going to dance. A lot.
We’ll start with a yoga flow sequence to get us relaxed and all yoga-ey, then RB will guide you through an hour-long, non-stop improvisation with a playlist that’ll move through several tempos.
Basically we’ll dance until the voices in your head stop talking, or you stop believing them. Whichever comes first. Please bring a yoga mat.

Saturday, February 3rd 10am-2pm
Weekend Registration for full 8hours Sat. and Sun $320

Russian Ballet Orlando
618 North Mills Ave.
Orlando, FL 32803

*Small breaks will be offered throughout the workshop, we will not have an official lunch break

Tricky-Gooey-Shimmy: Guiding Principles of Datura Style
Combine American Cabaret and Fusion styles of belly dance with a heady dose of rhythmic trickery, contrast, and dramatic quality changes. Chill. Lay these on a bed of rib cage circles, seemingly boneless arm work, and huge, relaxed hips for a double-layered-triple-thre at. Serve hot.
You learn them, they’re yours. Use these combinations in your next choreography or integrate these Datura Style combos into your improvisational vocabulary.
Experience with belly dance recommended, these will be complex. Brush up on your spins and isolations for this one, bring a towel and water bottle.

Sunday, February 4th 10am-2pm
Weekend Registration for full 8hours Sat. and Sun $320

Russian Ballet Orlando
618 North Mills Ave.
Orlando, FL 32803

*Small breaks will be offered throughout the workshop, we will not have an official lunch break

Datura Style™ Combos for Improvisation: Slo-Mo Vocabulary and Structured Improvisation
Learn belly dance combinations that combine American Cabaret and Fusion belly dance
styles, with a heavy dose of rhythmic interpretation and emphasis on posture, arm placement, and huge, relaxed hip-work. Use these combinations in your next choreography or integrate the Datura Style™ Combos into your group’s improvisational vocabulary.
Experience with belly dance recommended. Brush up on your spins and ATS® for this one, and bring a towel and water bottle.