Florida Tribal Dance, 825 Virginia Dr, Orlando, FL 32803
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Florida Tribal Dance
825 Virginia Dr
Orlando, FL 32803

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Workshop Registration:

Full Weekend of Workshops with Sedona Soulfire (8 hours total): $200 ($20 savings!!)
Individual Registartion:
2 hour workshops: $55 each
4 hour workshop: $110
Florida Tribal Dance presents:
A Tribal Garden Weekend of Workshops and Gala Showcase featuring Sedona Soulfire
May 10th, 11th, and 12th, 2019

All Workshops held at: Florida Tribal Dance Studio 825 Virginia Drive

Orlando,Fl 32803

Gala Will be Friday, May 10th, 2019
Held at The Marshall Ellis Theatre
1300 La Quinta Drive
Orlando, Fl 32809

Doors open at 7:30pm
Show starts at 8pm Seating is Limited!
Tickets Available NOW!
Tickets $15 in Advance If available,
$20 at the door

Workshop Schedule:
Saturday, May 11th
11am-1pm Super Shimmies
2pm-4pm Divine Dancer Soul Food

Sunday, May 12th
11am-4pm (4 hour workshop with 1 hour lunch break)
Temple Technique Flow and Choreography

REMINDER: There are NO REFUNDS for show tickets or workshops. You are welcome to transfer your ticket/workshop to another if needed. Contact Lacey at floridatribaldance@gmail.com for detail.
Workshop Descriptions:
Saturday, May 11th
11am-1pm Super Shimmies
The shimmy is not only a glorious and fun movement to execute and witness, but it actually serves as a full body vitalization practice. This workshop we will be focusing on getting a powerful and vivacious shimmy! Sedona will be sharing exercises and drills to enhance the stamina and strength of your shimmy as well as tips on relaxing into the movement. We will focus on refining and defining overall shimmy technique. Various shimmies and shimmy layers will be detailed all working up to some enlivening combinations and sequences.
2pm-4pm Divine Dancer Soul Food
Our bodies are profound instruments of power. Through intentional awareness, breath and movement (dance), we can access this power and consciously work with and through it. We can open portals of catalyst, change, renewal, and actualization, both for ourselves personally, and for the collective. In this evocative workshop, we will nourish the truth that Our dance and Our art can serve as so much more than a ‘distraction”, mere entertainment, or a means to an end, but instead as an intensification of the divinely distilled down essence of LIFE ITSELF, which when experienced either as the dancer,0 or witness, can connect us into the Universal Rhythm of The One Heart. Dance and song are the most ancient forms of worship, devotion, celebration and connection. This workshop will offer a powerful opportunity to open to the rich spiritual potential of your dance and dance offering. As a dancer or performing artist, the content explored in this class will guide you in clarifying your dance intent and assist in tuning the extraordinary instrument of YOU as you move your work into the sacred space of high-frequency alchemical transmission.  
Sunday, May 12th
11am-4pm (4 hour workshop with 1 hour lunch break)
Temple Technique Flow and Choreography

A beautiful and modern merging of Belly Dance, Classical Indian Odissi Dance, Nepalese Temple Dance, Mudric Arts and embodied Yogic principles, all infused with focused ritual intent.

Drawing inspiration from these ancient dance and yogic traditions. This workshop will cover shapes, symbology, gorgeous sculptural poses, precise postural alignments, arm pathways, foot work, meaningful mudra and expressive eyes.  We will fuse these temple techniques with the earthy and feminine expression of belly dance to create a unique and enchanting modern fusion.  A large portion of workshop will be spent drilling and detailing techniques and ritual temple repertoire with a focus on alignment and refinement. All the while, activating our spirited intent. We will then weave these techniques into an inspiring choreography giving us the opportunity to bloom in the power and timeless beauty of the form.